Sometimes you just need a change, right? Change can be refreshing and it keeps us alive. But it can also be scary to step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

Let’s take a look at some good reasons to change jobs. In some cases the choice is obvious, for example if you sense that your workplace is toxic or you don’t feel the company culture fits you. But what about leaving a job that’s not all that bad?

Changing jobs can be challenging, but there are also many benefits connected to switching careers even if your current job is good.

Here are the six top reasons to leave a perfectly good job.


1. Brand yourself

By leaving your current job and heading out onto the job market, you will get a clearer view on what the supply and demand for talent is in your field of work. You will get the opportunity to figure out what makes you stand out as a professional and how you can use this to your advantage.

In today’s era, where our ability to assimilate new information is challenged by the amount of communication and our shortening attention span, image is everything. It is said that a recruiter spends 20 seconds looking at a candidate profile, before forming an opinion whether or not the profile fits the open position.

If you want to be in control of how employers perceive you, and which employers will think you’re a good match, you need to consciously create your personal brand. Check out the eBook “The Keys to Landing your Dream Job” and learn how to brand yourself!

2. Experience different types of company culture and management 

Different leadership styles go with different types of working. How do you like to work and communicate? Do you have or aspire to having a team leader or management role yourself? How would you like to be coached then? What values are important to you?

By changing jobs you get to experience different company cultures and can learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

3. Make more money 

Your worth on the job market will have gone up since your previous experience. You can benefit from the seniority you have gained by changing jobs. This might be easier than claiming a raise for your seniority in the company you are currently working for.

By entering the job market your worth will become very clear and you will have a solid foundation upon which to negotiate your next salary.

4. Gain new professional skills

Remember the learning curve you went through when you started your current job?

When you change jobs, you will go through this learning curve again and gain new professional skills. This will not only help build your personal brand, but will also give you confidence in your ability to learn and adapt. Your previous skills might be of great benefit to a potential next employer too, and you can both learn by exchanging skills and knowledge.

5. Grow as a human being 

By changing jobs you will get to know yourself better. You will know your strengths and areas that could be improved, and you will get better at finding a job where you are appreciated for what you do best. You will find it easier to judge whether a situation is right for you, if a company is toxic, or if it’s thriving.

6. Pursue your dreams 

What is the career you really want? Is it outside your current comfort zone? Then go for it. You deserve to find a job that gives your life purpose and meaning. This might involve changing industries, cities or even countries. But if you don’t have your dream job now, the first thing to do is to leave your current job, even if it’s comfortable.


Get through the transition

Changing jobs makes us grow. By branding ourselves and gaining more experience, we become stronger professionals on the job market. We can make more money by expanding our professional horizons and keep gaining new skills and learning. By doing so we grow as human beings and help others around us grow as well.