Recruitment turned a corner in the early 2000s with the arrival of social and professional networks (creation of LinkedIn in 2003). The search for new talent is now easier and makes it possible to connect companies and candidates more quickly. 


The talent war

In 2019, however, the competition between companies to find the best talent is becoming increasingly fierce. Candidates with “rarer” skills, such as developers, are highly sought-after and even harassed. As a result, most of them decide to hide and are almost inaccessible.

Employer branding as a solution

Traditional recruitment is therefore no longer sufficient to find these rare talents. So what’s the solution? One approach that has already proved its worth is to create an employer branding strategy in order to attract the right candidates by highlighting the many, often underestimated advantages your company offers (jointly named Employee Value Proposition), such as:

  • Corporate identity, culture and values 
  • Employee experience
  • Training and development opportunities 
  • Atmosphere and environment (relaxed, afterwork, …)
  • Salary package
  • Work/life balance 


Why implement this strategy?

By showcasing these different aspects of your company, you will build a strong and authentic brand image. 

Thanks to your employer branding, future employees will have a clear vision of what your company is really like.

Moreover, companies that invest in an employer branding strategy have more motivated and effective employees, who then become real ambassadors for the company.


Employer branding is a virtuous circle. Working on your corporate culture and investing in your employees’ wellbeing will enable you to obtain a strong employer brand. This in turn will attract and strengthen your company culture. You will reap many benefits, such as happy and committed employees who will position themselves as ambassadors for your brand and in turn attract other candidates of the same calibre. 

It’s therefore clear that traditional recruitment is no longer sufficient. This is why the Smart Recruiting ® method was created. It combines employer branding and inbound recruitment for fast, efficient and qualitative recruitment. Download our free ebook below to discover how to find and retain the talent you need!